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Join us as we Unleash the Villains for Dillon's 7th Birthday

I am thrilled to share details of my son's unique Villain themed party.  We really did unleash the Villains for this wicked celebration - After all  every story needs a GOOD Villain! 

Putting this party together was such fun and I have to admit it has been one of my favourite parties to date!! 

My son is a huge Disney fan and has a great fondness for Disney Villains, especially Ursula and Jafar.  When he first asked for this as a theme I really didn't know where we would find "Villains" to fulfil his dream - This had been a theme that he had wanted for quite some time  so I knew I had a task ahead in finding his Ursula and Jafar to make his dream come true.

When planning the party I had so many of my own ideas and thoughts along with many great ideas which I found online.  Of course the majority of the input when brain storming came from my son!! He was so enthusiastic about the theme and was bursting full of ideas and suggestions. 

All of the decor and dessert table was designed and styled by myself, Wendy's Printable Party ( please see below images.

Children's Party Food Table / Decorations

I firstly covered each of the tables with a white banqueting table cover and then added a green runner down the centre of each table.

I scattered leaf shaped cut outs which I made from black card stock and rose petals down the centre line of the table.  I also came across these cool glitter skulls in a Halloween sale and they matched perfectly with the decor and theme!  

Rose Centrepiece Table Decoration

Rose Centrepiece Table Decorations

One of the stand out items had to be the adorable rose centrepiece table decorations and these were super easy to make with such a big end result. I used a large 2 litre plastic drink's bottle which I cut in half and attached a metal lid from a circular collectors tin for the base I then hung a rose from the neck of the bottle secured with thin cotton to the cap and scattered a few rose petals on the base. 

Printable Masks

Each guest had their own Villain mask to wear and take home. They were a great find from the Amazing Party Shop on Etsy.  Check out their store for these and many more fun designs.  The masks were so easy to print and assemble!! 

Custom designed party food lunch boxes

Custom Designed Party Food Lunch Boxes

I custom designed the party food lunch boxes in keeping with the villain theme which included a food / hotdog tray and popcorn snack box.  I found these paper cups from the Halloween section in a local store and they matched perfectly. 

3D Disney Villain Paper Crafts

I found these great 3D Disney Villain paper craft from The Disney Family website.  The crafts are free to download and looked perfect on the party tables. Another very effective item.

Dessert Table & Decor


I had lots of fun creating the themed desserts for the party, these included: -
  • Dr Facilier inspired cake.  I found a similar design on Pinterest which was recreated.  I went for a 2 tier cake and added a crafted top hat to complete the look.
  • Evil Queens "Not So Poisonous" Apple Cakepops - these went down a treat and looked very effective on the dessert table. 

  • Cruella De Vil Cupcakes -  I designed a coordinating cupcake wrapper for each cupcake to tie in with the decor. 

  • Oogie Boogie's Oreo Pops - I previously made these for my son's last party and they proved very popular as a bonus they are simple to make and taste yummy! 

  • Ursula's "Poor Unfortunately Soul" Jellies - another simple dessert which was enjoyed by the party guests - I added a jelly worm to the bottom of each jelly dish before they set to create the effect. 

  • Jafar's Treasures - these were assorted flavoured chocolates. 
  • Captain Hook's Gold Doubloons - of course we had to have gold coins which were placed in a treasure chest. 

Captain Hook's Gold Doubloons
Evil Queens "Not So Poisonous" Apple Cakepops
Dr Facilier inspired cake & Cruella De Vil Cupcakes
Jafar's Treasures 

Here are a few images of the dessert table : - 

Entertainment / Games 

When planning the party I wanted to try and find live characters for the party.  I came across Just Imagines NW's website and they really do live up to their name.  I contacted Danielle with an idea and she went above and beyond to not only come up with my son's favourite Villain characters but also helped to create a unique party! 

Just Imagine even put me in contact with the very talented Victoria who designed my son's awesome costume! 

From first walking in, the Villains stayed in character throughout the party and took part in playing the games and serving the food. All of the guests who attended the party thoroughly enjoyed themselves (including the parents). I would recommend Just Imagine to anyone and can confidently say they really do go the extra mile!! :)  

Tinkerbell also came along with Ursula and Jafar to keep them in check! 

The party started off with a unique interactive theatre performance which included a mash up to Aladdin and the Little Mermaid.  

The show was followed by my son's favourite party games which included musical bumps which was changed to "flying carpets" in keeping with the Aladdin theme, a scavenger hunt for gold coins and pass the parcel - Urusala and Jafar were on their best behaviour whilst the games were being played ;)  although a little bit of cheating did go on....Tinkerbell soon put a stop to that and the naughty Villains.

Following the party games the children sat down for their party food and this was served by the Villains whilst Tinkerbell and her little helper provided face painting. 

At the end of the party all the children pledged an oath, we sang happy birthday to my son and certificates were handed out to each party guest.  We finished with a photo opportunity with the characters.  

The children all fell in love with these amazing characters :) 

Flying Carpet Musical Bumps

Pass the Parcel 


Party Favors 

I designed Dr Facilier inspired top hats for the treat boxes and filled with small toys and sweeties. 

Favor Boxes 

For the craft table I made Queen of Heart Wands, a Kaa craft which was found on The Disney Family website.  All crafts are free to download and these fit perfect with the party.  I also had themed colouring sheets. 

Craft Table 

Party Helpers / Websites / Vendors 

I wanted to give a massive shout out to all of these amazing people who helped make my son's party truly magical and created a memory that will last a lifetime x 
  • Styled by - Wendy's Printable Party
  • Printables / Decorations and Crafts by - Wendy's Printable Party 
  • Entertainers & Face Painting - the amazing Just Imagine team! 
  • Photographs by Wendy's Printable Party and Sacred Lotus Photography
  • Printable Masks - Amazing Party Shop.
  • Costume by the very talented Victoria Connolly 
  • 3d Printable Villain Paper Crafts - The Disney Family website
  • Cake and Cupcakes made by my talented friend, Melissa 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and details as much as I did planning and creating and hope you see something to maybe give you inspiration for your own event. :)

If you have any further questions on anything you have seen or read please feel free to drop me an email i will gladly help if i can.

Have you used any of my printables for your parties?

I would love to see your party pictures and share on my blog!  

Thank you for taking the time to check out and read my blog! 


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