Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Dillon's Crazy Mad Scientist Party!!

It is my pleasure to share with you details of my son's Crazy Mad Scientist themed party created for his 6th birthday party!  All decor and the dessert table was designed and styled by myself, wendysprintableparty.etsy.com

My son had been attending a short after school club that involved the Mad Science team.  He loved taking part in the experiments and so began the seed that grew into the idea of him having the mad science theme party. 

This theme is perfect for boys or girls and the ideas are endless with many offering fun educational interaction for the little ones as well as the feeling of "playing" and just having fun. I really do recommend this theme as a party. 

For the entertainment we booked Mad Science North West and Scientific Sarah was the perfect party host.  The party guests were amazed and entertained by the cool  demonstrations and activities and the level of guest participation and interaction was great.  All children had the opportunity of making and taking home their own slime!!!! 

The package offered the option of an add on activity to finish with that we took up. This was  a sit on Hoverboard Ride - the kids thoroughly enjoyed this and was a fantastic end to the party - the only issue I had was that I was too big to have a go ;) 

The  Package also provided a Mad Science lab coat for the birthday boy which was signed by all of the party guests. A really nice touch and idea for a keep sake memory.


Above is a sample of the invitations that I designed for the Mad Science Party.  Each invite was handed out in a plastic test-tube with a "caution - open with care sign"! I went with this colour scheme throughout the party.


  • Backdrop -Colour coordinated with the theme of the party to go behind the dessert table. 
  • Cupcake Toppers and wrappers
  • Food Card Labels 
  • Science Experiment Book Decor - which were used to display party decor on the party table and dessert table. 
  • Atom Centrepiece decorations - these were very effective and fun to make.  I used poloystrene balls which were painted to match the colour scheme.  I attached two wire wreath rings together and added the painted balls to make them look like atoms.

Party Favors

  • Treat Bags - For the party treat bags I designed a personalised template for these mad scientist lab coat inspired boxes. I filled the bags with goodies such as handmade felt bow tie, crazy plastic glasses, eyeball bubbles, a science lab security clearance tag and a stick on moustache.
  • Party Hats - to match with the theme I created the Mad Scientist themed headband hats! Simple but very effective and gave great results on the photo opportunities.
  • Remote Control Mini Popcorn Box - I also designed Remote Control Mini Popcorn Box templates which were on the dessert table and were filled with lots of treats for the mini Mad Scientist's.

Dessert Table 

I had lots of fun creating the desserts for the party, these included: -

  • Test Tube Treats (filled with Jelly Beans)
  • Radioactive Jelly (in petri dishes with jelly sweet) 
  • Oozy Oreo Pops 
  • Snack Remote Control Popcorn Boxes - filled with popcorn and savoury snacks.
  • Mad Scientist Cupcakes 

Here are a few of the items which I created, I had such fun designing all of these : - 

A few photos of the party table.

These Lab Coat treat bags are available to purchase from my Etsy store (click here). These are fully customisable.

These Remote Popcorn Box templates are available to purchase from my Etsy store (click here). These are fully customisable.

My son found the cake design idea online and a good friend made her version of the cake together with the awesome Mad Scientist Cupcakes! 

This theme really was an enjoyable one for me to make and expand on, I had so much fun designing the decor and dessert for this Crazy Science party - such a fun theme!  

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and details as much as I did planning and creating and hope you see something to maybe give you inspiration for your own event. :)

If you have any further questions on anything you have seen or read please feel free to drop me an email i will gladly help if i can.

Have you used any of my printables for your parties?

I would love to see your party pictures and share on my blog!  

Thank you for taking the time to check out and read my blog!