Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stomp and Roar its a Dinosaur!!!!

I am so excited to write this post and share details of my son's 4th dino-tastic party ... can't believe this was almost a year ago - I'm now in the process of getting ready for his next party :)   

My son absolutely LOVES dinosaurs so we went with a dinosaur theme! I worked on planning this party theme for quite some time and it was such a fun theme! 

Printable Decorations 

For the invites I wanted to design a colourful and bright theme and also include a picture of the birthday boy.  This is the design which i came up with and used these cute dino images and colour scheme throughout the party! These photo invitation are available in my store - click here.

I designed these cute dinosaur hats to match with the theme, which are listed in my store, click here.  I also designed coordinating decorations including water bottle labels, table signs, cupcake toppers and much more.

All the children wore cute dinosaur masks which I found on Strawberry Mommy Cakes on Etsy.

For the party table and cut out dinosaur foot prints out of green card and scattered them around the table and created a dinosaur scenes down the centre of the party table using small dinosaur toys which I purchased on offer from Argos!

One of the main attractions at the party was a 3ft Kota Triceratops Dinosaur which we got our son as a surprise and all the kiddies loved it!  

I looked everywhere for a dinosaur photo cutout but couldn't find one anywhere so had to get the paints out and make one myself! 

Craft Table 

We had a craft table which included make your own dinosaur out of foam cut outs, colouring pages and explorer / dinosaur photo props.

Party Games 

The main party game we had was a dinosaur hunt.  

I designed dinosaur hunt cards and stickers and created cut outs of the dinosaurs.  We hid the dinosaur cut outs around the party room for the children to find.   I also designed personalised "binoculars" for the explorers to wear and use during their hunt to find the dinosaur pictures - which were a huge hit!!!  

Each explorer was given a personalised bucket with their dinosaur card and a pair of dinoculars ready for their dino hunt!

 The printable templates for making these fun dinoculars are available in my store - click here 

The hunt finished at a 6ft inflatable T-Rex who was looking after a nest of dinosaur eggs.  The eggs were made from salt dough and had a small plastic dinosaur in.  The explorers had lots of fun getting messy and smashing open the eggs to get their prize :) 

We also played other dino themed games such as: - 
  • Musical dino stepping stones and all the children wore dinosaur feet which i made from foam.
  • Pass the parcel (which is a must at all parties)!
  • Musical dino statues 
  • I also created a pin the tail on the T-Rex and we had a T-Rex piƱata

Party Favors 

We gave each explorer a mini hatch-a-dino egg so they could hatch their own dinosaur which came with instruction sheet.

They were also given one of these explorer backpack filled with lots of dino treats.  These explorer backpacks are available in my store - click here

I hope that you enjoyed this party theme - it was so much fun designing! 

Have you used any of my printables for your parties?
I would love to see your party pictures and share on my blog!